Feeling stuck as a working drummer and in need of that breakthrough. We’ve helped drummers who play for Platinum-selling artists to move to the next level. We have been working in a professional capacity for many years. We not only improve your playing but also go over music industry questions, giving insight into being a working drummer. It’s about playing well, but also the professionalism aspect and business side of things. And if you haven’t pursued a career in music yet, but have a dream to do so, these classes will be perfect for you as well.

Tailor Made Lessons

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These lessons will be very custom based and after an assessment, we will know exactly what to work on.

Preparing For Gigs & Auditions

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Preparation is key when you are a professional musician. We will go over different ways that you can prepare for your next gig or audition.

How To: Social Media

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This is very important in today's day and age and something that you really want to grasp onto as a professional musician. We will go over points where social media can help get your name out there and how to stay professional using it.

Your Brand & Professionalism

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You are a business. Being only a talented drummer in the industry will not cut it. Being professional, keeping your attitude in check and staying humble is absolutely vital if you want to make a career out of music.

Getting The Gig & Keeping It

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This is, of course, a massive part of your career as you need to make money and work your way up to playing for a good artist and band. Once you have achieved this goal, it is extremely important to keep your reputation good so you can carry on climbing the ladder.

Marketing & Networking

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Marketing yourself and networking is one of the most important aspects when trying to make a name for yourself in the music industry and to get your name out there.  We will go over some ways that you can effectively market yourself and how to network with other musicians.



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