Never having played the drums before, people get very nervous about taking lessons but we love that you are a beginner because we then know that we can teach you the right way from the beginning and not fix bad habits that have been created through either a bad teacher or trying to learn on your own. Habits are extremely difficult to break so we make sure that you start the right way and learn the right things, in the beginning, to build a strong foundation and then improve on that. The beginner course will take you all the way up to an intermediate level. 

Holding Drumsticks

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This is the most important thing to learn in the beginning. We will not only show you the right way to hold the stick but will demonstrate and explain the bad habits we see on a daily basis.

Setting Up Your Drum Kit

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It goes without saying that it is really important to know your craft in and out and the first step is to know which drum is which and what role each of them plays and how to essentially set your first drum kit up the right way.

Learning The Rudiments

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Rudiments are absolutely vital to building your foundation. This is missed by many drummers starting out. We will go over some of the most important rudiments you will need in the beginning.

Correct Technique

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It is really important to start off with the right techniques. These will be explained and demonstrated to you in detail.

Hitting The Drums

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There is a right and a wrong way to hit the drums. Both ways will be demonstrated in detail.

Accurate Timing When Playing

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As a drummer your most important role is to have good timing. You are the time keeper. We will learn how to use a metronome and we will use it for all the exercises done in these classes.

Reading Music Notation

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Reading notation is an incredibly valuable skill. It allows you to plan your music and read and understand music written by others,

Counting Music When Playing

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This might sound funny but it is vital, especially when starting out. We will go over how to count different note values and how counting benefits you.

Drumming Grooves & Fills

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Throughout the course, you will learn many grooves and fills in many different forms. Once you know these basics and have a good sense of timing, we can then move on to playing with some music... EXCITING!!



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