Below are some development exercises to build speed and get more control around the drum kit.

How To Develop Your Weaker Hand



One hand is always weaker than the other, holding us back when trying to execute faster playing. Develop that hand with this exercise.

Developing Your Speed


In this lesson we show you a simple exercise to develop your speed.

Jog/Sprint Stamina Building Exercise



Stamina helps you to play faster for longer. Use this jog/sprint technique to build up your stamina for more demanding playing.

Right Side Development


Do you struggle with independence, especially between the right hand and foot? This lesson will show you how to break the right side up and get you the independence you need.

Foot Speed Development


Ever wondered how drummers get those super quick bursts without using a double bass pedal? Check this lesson out. It is such a killer exercise to develop the speed and control on your foot!

Shifting Kicks


In this lesson, we show you a killer concept where you shift your kicks to come up with some killer patterns! 

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