How long does it take to learn drums?
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That is probably one of the most challenging questions to answer as like anything in life; learning to play the drums is a never-ending learning process. We after over 20 years of playing, still learn new things and improve all the time. We have also had students with us for as long as ten years!
What is the best age to start drum lessons?
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We believe that the earlier you start the better! We try and take students from as young as possible. A tiny baby at the age of one year is a little too young... Yes! We have been asked that!
Do I need a drum kit to start?
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No! Having your own drumkit at home is not needed when starting out. We always suggest taking a few lessons first before buying a drumkit. That gives you a chance to see if drumming is something that you will enjoy before making such a big purchase.
What should I bring to my first class?
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Nothing! We have everything at the studio, including drum sticks.

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