At this stage, you should have a good idea of how to play the drums but would probably like to take your drumming to a whole new level. Have you got to the point where you need new exercises and concepts to get to the next stage of your drumming? If so, then these lessons are going to be perfect for you.

Assessing Your Current Level

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At this stage of your playing, you will likely have a good idea of how to play the drums. In the first lesson, we will assess and analyse your playing to see what we need to work on in order to take you to the next level.

Hand & Foot Development

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We will work on strengthening your hands and feet for increased speed, stamina and more fluid playing.

Learning The Rudiments

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Rudiments are absolutely vital to building your foundation. Many drummers don't realize the power of rudiments. We will go in-depth and explain to you the different rudiments and how you can come up with hundreds of fills when you get creative with them.

Correct Technique

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We will have a look at your technique and see what will need to be improved.

Stylistic Accuracy

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It is really important for a drummer or any musician to be versatile. We will explain to you and teach you how to play different styles of music on the drums.

Accurate Timing When Playing

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This is a never-ending learning process and timing can always be improved. We will analyze your timing and work on different exercises to improve this area.

Reading Music Notation

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At this stage, you may or may not know how to read drum notation. If you are new in this area then we will teach you how to read. If you already know how to read but would like to improve, this is going to be really beneficial to you.

Opening Up Your Creativity

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It is an amazing feeling when you begin to open up your creative side and start to develop your own sound and identity. We will show you how you can take rudiments and simple foundations and turn them into amazing patterns.

Groove & Fill Development

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We will work on a bunch of awesome fills and grooves that will open up your playing and take you to the next level. This will also help you be able to come up with your own tasty grooves and fills.



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