Zan Kriegler

Zan Kriegler is a pro drummer, well known for being the drummer for Multi-Platinum artist Jo Black. He has been on the road for the last three odd years, playing shows night after night.

He has been around the last couple of years living his best life! One of the many things he noticed is that he wants to give back.

He started playing drums at the age of nine, and ever since that day; he has always wanted to play drums for a living. Most people, including a lot of his family members, told him that it seems almost impossible. He never gave up on the idea of doing what he really loves for a living. Society always gave him the idea that he has to do something he hates for 80% of his life so that he can enjoy the 20% that's left. He didn't want to do that. And, with all odds against him, here he is busy telling you that it's possible.

From wanting to play big Arena shows and touring most of the time, it changed him by wanting to help people experience that incredible journey he has experienced, and being more settled and giving back. That is a big reason for him getting into the education side of things more these days. He wants people to pursue what they want. He wants people to live. If you want to do an advanced driving course… Do it! If you want to take a 3-week chef course, do it! Live! That is what is important to Zan in life.

That made him think a lot about how he can give back, how he can use what he has to give other people life experiences, and finding themselves. The only way he can think of giving people this piece of himself is through teaching what he knows best. He wants to give someone that experience and blessing. He wants people to find a calling, purpose, a hobby, a reason to push themselves.

He has this tool he calls drumming. It might be your full-time career. It might only help you get some perspective in life. It might only help you 30min a week to stop stressing about life… The point is, drumming can help in any way because it's not just drumming. It's getting you involved in a whole new world, and you can decide what that has to be for you.

Zan is endorsed by Yamaha drums and Anatolian Cymbals.


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